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Amalgam Free Fillings

Traditional amalgam fillings are unsightly, ineffective and potentially unhealthy

Comprised of an alloy containing 50% mercury, these traditional metallic looking fillings have been found to present a range of disadvantages when compared to the contemporary filling materials we use in our Beecroft dental practice. These include:

1. Some health experts believe that mercury vapour is released into the mouth, which is thought to be a risk to your overall health.

While there is still debate about the health risks of amalgam fillings, it really depends on each individual. For example: some people have to get their amalgam fillings removed for health reasons. Yet on the other hand there are those who have had amalgam fillings their whole life and are okay—the choice is yours.

2. The high mercury content in amalgam is an environmental hazard, and has been banned in environmentally conscious countries such as Sweden.

Denmark, Norway and Sweden have banned amalgam because it is an environmental hazard. Many other European countries either have guidelines or restrictions in place regarding the use of amalgam fillings.

3. Amalgam expands and contracts in response to temperature changes within the mouth, and as such can cause your natural tooth to split and crack.

If your tooth cracks or splits above the gum line a dental crown should be sufficient to save the tooth. However, if your tooth cracks or splits below the gum line you may require extraction. This is, of course, a worst case scenario.

4. Amalgam fillings are simply packed into the void caused by decay and do not form a complete seal. This means that decay can still continue to develop beneath the filling.

The new filling material is arguably much better for your tooth, as less tooth structure has to be removed and there’s less chance of decay forming under the filling.

5. This type of filling material is dark grey and does not blend with the natural shade or texture of your natural tooth enamel. Unfortunately these fillings can even stain your natural tooth enamel.

At Beecroft Dental Centre, we utilise an innovative filling material that is safe, aesthetically pleasing and highly functional

Our contemporary filling material is 100% mercury free, and can be colour matched to the exact shade and texture of your natural tooth enamel. This type of filling material does not expand or contract in response to temperature changes within the mouth, and forms a complete seal protecting your damaged tooth from decay.

If you are concerned about your existing amalgam fillings, it may be worth considering replacing them with our contemporary filling material.

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