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Intraoral Ozone Treatment

At our Beecroft dental practice, our intraoral ozone treatment can actively prevent and reverse tooth decay

Tooth decay is a result of acid-creating bacteria. The acid eats away at your tooth and if left untreated will cause infection, pain and eventually tooth loss. The simplest way to prevent tooth decay is to brush and floss every day as well as regular visits to the dentist.

When you visit Beecroft Dental Centre for a regular check-up, we also professionally clean your teeth. While brushing and flossing does clean your teeth, a professional clean will remove plaque that brushing and flossing cannot.

With a regular brushing, flossing and check-ups you can help to prevent tooth decay and the other health issues it causes. Don’t wait for your tooth to start aching, visit Beecroft Dental Centre to find out how we can help you.

Treatment for tooth decay

The treatment for tooth decay will depend of the severity of your tooth decay. Intraoral ozone treatment is used to kill decay causing bacteria, and neutralise any acid in the mouth that they have created.  Controlled ozone application has been found to be incredibly safe and free from side effects, and is also used in our practice to sterilise all water used in our treatments.

Did you know that 23 000 people die in the US from drug resistant bacteria? This is one of the reasons why it is so important to minimise the use of antibiotics wherever possible.

As the acid is removed from the oral area during ozone treatment, minerals are now able to flow back into the tooth, hardening the tooth enamel and reducing the effects of decay. Essentially, ozone treatment reverses the tooth decay process through:

  • Preventing the bacteria from growing
  • Replacing bad bacteria with good bacteria
  • Remineralising: Allowing your tooth structure to replace minerals

Intraoral ozone treatment can also be used to treat cavities, gum disease and increase healthy tissue.

The benefits of ozone treatment

There are a number of benefits of intraoral ozone treatment over other forms of treating tooth decay. If you are looking for a virtually pain-free, minimally invasive way to treat tooth decay then intraoral ozone treatment is for you. Some of the benefits include:

  • No injections – no pain
  • No side affects
  • Less removal of healthy tooth material
  • No drilling and filling
  • Improves infection control
  • Improves sterilisation
  • Long lasting results

If you’re interested in intraoral ozone treatment and its numerous benefits for your oral and overall health, please talk to the team at Beecroft Dental Centre today.

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