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Dental Implants

Experience a restoration like never before with innovative dental implant treatment

Traditional tooth replacement treatments such as dentures and bridges never fully mimic the form, function and appearance of your natural teeth. Dental implants have revolutionised the way in which we can treat tooth loss in our Beecroft dental practice, as they effectively mimic the performance of a missing natural tooth root.

A whole tooth replacement

Dental Implants are biocompatible titanium screws that are inserted into your jaw bone and, over a period of months, fully integrate with your natural jaw bone material (a process called osseointegration). This forms a permanently solid foundation for prosthetic tooth replacements such as crowns, and mimics the performance, appearance and function of a natural tooth unlike any other restorative treatment.

The biocompatible nature of the titanium screws means that it is highly unlikely that your body will reject the foreign material. In fact the biocompatibility of dental implants is what aids the osseointegration. Prior to the 1950s a variety of different materials were used before the discovery of the biocompatible titanium which is now used.

The period of months it takes for the dental implant to fully integrate with your jaw bone will depend on factors such as:

  • Your oral health
  • Your overall health
  • Your body’s natural ability to heal
  • Whether the implant is placed in your upper or lower jaw

Things to consider

When you lose a tooth the specific bone that ‘holds’ the tooth root starts to slowly and gradually dissolve. This does not grow back. If you wait too long to get restorative treatment, there may be insufficient jaw bone material for the dental implant and in these circumstances you may require a bone graft.

Why replace missing teeth?

Aesthetic benefits aside, there are many reasons why you should replace missing teeth. Tooth loss can cause existing teeth to migrate from position, distort your bite, contribute to the development of TMD, cause your jawbone and gum tissue to deteriorate and generate difficulties when speaking or chewing.

The benefits of dental implants

  • Identical to natural teeth in appearance, feel and function
  • Prevent remaining teeth on either side of the void from migrating
  • Decreases stress exerted on the surrounding teeth
  • Helps retain bone structure
  • Decreased chance of gum tissue shrinkage
  • A permanent solution to tooth loss

Dr Berne has over 27 years’ experience performing oral surgery, and as such Beecroft Dental Centre is a great choice for you if you are considering dental implant treatment.

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