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Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry can help anxious patients receive the dental care they require in a comfortable and pain-free environment.

Dr Berne has been practicing I.V. sedation for over 40 years, and is the perfect choice to perform sedation dentistry for those who suffer from dental anxiety, those who have a complex oral concern or for children with special needs.

Also known as ‘sleep dentistry’, I.V. sedation dentistry places patients in a deep state of relaxation.

The difference between I.V. sedation and general anaesthetic is that with the I.V. sedation you will not be unconscious. I.V. sedation means that you are awake and able to respond to requests made by our dental professionals. You will feel at ease and relaxed throughout your entire treatment, and may not recall much of the treatment after your appointment.

The benefits of I.V. sedation dentistry

There are a number of benefits for using sedation dentistry, such as:

  • Complex procedures like smile rehabilitation can be undertaken with ease:
  • If you need multiple treatments carried out, or treatments such as the insertion of a dental implant, I.V. sedation can help make you feel relaxed and comfortable.
  • Time-poor patients can have multiple treatments undertaken during a single appointment.
  • Anxious patients and those who suffer from a dental phobia can receive the dental care they require in a comfortable and anxiety free environment: Between our caring team at Beecroft Dental Centre in Northern Sydney and I.V. sedation we have helped a lot of patients overcome their fear of the dentist.
  • Patients with special needs such as autism can receive dental care in a tranquil, pain-free environment

It is important to note that you cannot drive after having I.V. sedation. If you are undertaking a sedation dental procedure at our Beecroft dental practice, it is important to bring a companion with you to ensure that you return home safely after treatment.

Getting the treatment you need…

Sedation dentistry has helped thousands of people all over the world deal with their dental anxiety. One of the biggest fears people have of the dentist is the idea that the appointment may hurt. With I.V. sedation and our caring team we can help patients feel relaxed and calm in order to get the dental treatment they need.

If you need dental work done, don’t put it off any longer. The sooner you get treatment the better it will be. By waiting until the pain is so bad you cannot sleep at night, you are running the risk of severe oral and overall health problems.

Talk to the team at Beecroft Dental Centre today, our friendly and caring staff can help you get the dental treatment you need.

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