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Oral Surgery

At Beecroft Dental Centre, we take a conservative approach to caring for our patient’s smiles

If less invasive dental treatments have been unsuccessful in treating your oral concern, oral surgery at our Beecroft dental practice may be a viable option for you. When you visit Beecroft Dental Centre our team will discuss your options with you and prescribe the best treatment to suit your needs. More often than not we will recommend the less invasive treatments, but in the event that they have been unsuccessful, we provide our patients with oral surgery.

Oral surgery may be required in the case of:

Removal of impacted wisdom teeth

If you have wisdom teeth they will often erupt between the ages of seventeen and twenty one. Impacted wisdom teeth are wisdom teeth that are not going to erupt into position, these can cause infections of the gum, decay and reabsorption of functional teeth and gum disease.

Wisdom teeth can be extracted early if detected. However, if you do not notice them until they are causing you pain, the team at Beecroft Dental Centre in Northern Sydney can help you.

To correct a misaligned bite

If traditional orthodontic methods do not work, or if the problem is one that braces cannot solve, then you may require orthognathic surgery. This jaw surgery is designed to restore your bite.

Corrective surgery will give you a more balanced and functional smile by moving your teeth and jaws back into their correct position.

In severe cases of obstructive sleep apnoea

While we do offer non-invasive treatments for sleep apnoea, sometimes oral appliance therapy is not enough. In such cases the team here at Beecroft Dental Centre will offer surgery.

There are a number of surgical options for treating severe obstructive sleep apnoea, and what treatment you are given will be determined in a consultation with Dr Berne.

To treat TMD that has not responded to oral appliance therapy

In the event that oral appliance therapy does not work, and studies show that it works nearly 80% of the time, we do offer alternatives. The specific nature of your TMD will determine what type of surgery you have, and we would recommend getting a second opinion about the surgery.

Adult orthodontic treatment

Orthognathic surgery is used in orthodontic treatment for a number of reasons: such as if there are impacted teeth interfering with healthy teeth.

Dr Berne has over 27 years’ experience performing oral surgery, and is an Oral Surgeon approved under Medicare.  He is the perfect choice for people who wish to entrust their complex oral issue to a highly experienced dental professional.

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