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Complex Cases

At our Beecroft dental practice, we can provide the solution to your complex oral concern

With over 40 years in the dental profession, Dr Berne compliments his stellar general dental care with in-depth and complex restorative dental treatments. These can include:

Patients with special needs

Our sedation dentistry options are a great choice for patients with special needs such as autism, Down syndrome and muscular dystrophy. Dr Berne has extensive experience accommodating the needs of patients with a disability in a comfortable and tranquil environment.

Our philosophy of care is that prevention is absolutely paramount—when we work with patients with special needs (and in fact any of our patients) we endeavour to create a sense of trust between patient and dentist. It is important that our patients feel comfortable, cared-for and relaxed when they visit Beecroft Dental Centre.

Patients with special needs, such as Autism, Down syndrome and Cerebral palsy, have the same dental concerns as everyone else, that is why Dr Berne and his team work closely with these patients to ensure they get the best healthcare.

Total smile rehabilitation

If you have multiple oral concerns, the sedation dentistry options available at our Beecroft dental practice can allow you to receive the restorative and cosmetic dental treatments you require in a virtually pain-free environment. Life is too short to put up with oral pain and discomfort, entrust your smile to our highly experienced team and enjoy the confidence a healthy smile can evoke.

Oral surgery

At Beecroft Dental Centre we believe in conservative dentistry, but for some cases oral surgery is required to restore the health, function and appearance of a patient’s smile. Whether you need dental implants, tooth extractions, such as wisdom teeth, or surgery for TMD or sleep apnoea we can help you. Learn more about oral surgery.

If your complex oral concern requires surgery, Dr Berne is a great choice for you as he has over 27 years’ experience conducting oral surgery.

Your oral health and wellbeing is highly important, so if you have a complex oral concern our team of dental professionals at Beecroft Dental Centre are an ideal choice for you and your oral health needs.

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